The mission of CAC Temple of Praise is to help individuals recognize and achieve their innate aspirations and abilities as bestowed by God, and to instruct individuals in the principles of the Bible with honesty. We strive to meet the demand of individuals who understand their God-given entitlements, thereby empowering them to positively influence and transform their communities. With an understanding of their identity in Christ, adherents will contribute to the spiritual, social, and financial development of their locality. And lastly,  to bring everyone back to Christ Jesus for His Kingdom to come.


You’re invited to join the Youth ministry at CAC Temple of Praise

At our Youth Ministry, our goal is to develop responsible teenagers who are capable of making a positive impact on God’s kingdom and also on society. Our mission is to live by the principles of John 12:36(While you have the Light, believe in the Light, so that you may become sons of light.” After Jesus had spoken these things, He went away and was hidden from them.)


Our goal is to help young people between 8th and 12th grade experience the love of Yahweh and His salvation, our ministry seeks to provide support against the negative societal and peer pressures facing teenagers today. We want our teenagers to revere God and enjoy full fellowship with other believers, experience ministry work and positively influence their peppers and generations for the kingdom of God.